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Hold your favourite memories forever with photo frames

Hold your favourite memories forever with photo frames

  • by SmileSellers .com

Memories are a gift in our life. There are no people in the world who do not cherish old memories. Phone gallery full of Doors memorable photos. We all love to keep those memories in our minds but a photo frame can be the best way to protect the sweetest memory forever. Photo frames also help to take the world and enhance the beauty of the home. Not only photo frames with the personal photo you can choose printed photo frames with paintings of several famous Painters.

Journey of photo frames:

Photo frame starts its journey from back AD 50-70. Not only did this wooden frame contains a portrait was found in Egypt and Tom but it was perfectly preserved. Historical research workers see that in the 12th and 13th centuries bought hand-carved wooden frames and this idea is continuous even today. Those wooden hand curved frames were made by mainly ancient Egyptian and Greek artists.

Parts of photo frames:

 There are some interesting facts about photo frames. Several parts of the photo frame have different names.

  • photo frames covered by heavy class so large piece of artwork with glass cover liquid is wrong Fame.
  • The inner side and the lips side of the Fame accommodate the strong framing materials which are called the rabbet.
  • The backside stand of the photo frame is known as Easel back. So you can decorate your table shelf desk with your favourite photos.
  • The white border photo frame is called mat or mount in British English. It has Hair tips to separate the art from the glass and add additional decoration.
  • The glass part of the frame is called glazing. It has to protect the paint from any physical damage and humidity.

The purpose of photo frame:

Photo frames help to keep saving memorable photos. The main purpose of the photo frame is to stick the Weavers focus on the framed object. If you hang framed photo on the world with another photo without a frame then framed will catch more attention than the other one.

Best photo frame collection in

This website sells the best painting photo frames in Odisha. You can visit this website and will see a huge collection of several handmade photo frames. Both tables decorating and wall hanging photo frames are available on this website.

  • Brush photo frames are available on this website. You can find Jagannath Dev, Konark wheel full brass designing Classic photo frames. Price ranging from 799 to 999.
  • This website has a collection of handmade photo frames in Odisha. Several handmade tribal design Mahalaxmi, Sarasvati, Ganesh Ji photo frames, Radha Krishna photo frames, Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra photo frames are available here. Price range between 699 to 799.
  • This website is the only seller of hanging photo frames in Odisha. Hanging photo frames with Dokra art, Straw art is available here. Price value range between 599 to 750.
  • So, you can see the price are very affordable and the collection is marvellous.
  • This website provides the best delivery service with good packaging and provides free shipping on shopping above 300 rupees.

So, keep your memory with best friends from and hang it on your beautiful wall. This is the best way to secure all your sweetest memory and make your photo gallery.


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